A personal CRM that respects your privacy

Reminding you to keep in touch with the important people in your life.

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Improve Your Relationships

Keep My Friends makes it easy for you to maintain and grow your personal and professional relationships.
  1. 1

    Add your friends, family and professional contacts

  2. 2

    Pick how often you want to stay in touch

    For example, every week for Mom, or every 6 months for an old work colleague
  3. 3

    Keep My Friends will email you when it’s time to reach out

    Conveniently contact your friends from the links in the email, Mark as Contacted and Add Notes for next time.
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    Watch your friendships and relationships grow

Keep My Friends is Private & Secure

We don’t connect with your social media accounts or email accounts

We believe that your personal emails, social media chat messages and phone calls should remain private.

Your conversations stay between you and your friends

You can add notes about your conversations if you like, or choose not to. That's up to you. Anything you do save, is only ever read by you.

We don’t sell or trade your personal information

We believe that the best way to run a business is to charge our customers a fair price for the service, rather than selling their personal data to make money.

We don't mine your data

Social media companies are known for performing data mining on all of their users, to extract value and build a social graph.

We don't link any of your data with data from any other customer.

Our Customers Love It

“By calling home every week, I'm now mom's favorite.”
“This makes it easy to keep in contact with my friends and relatives living overseas.”
“I've been able to reconnect with an old friend and grow that relationship. Thank you!”
“I use it to keep professional lines of communication open for future opportunities.”
“This helps me follow up meaningfully after meeting new people at conferences.”

Improve Your Relationships

Unlimited contacts and all features, cancel any time. 

Just $9 per Month, 60 day money back guarantee.