About Us

Keep My Friends exists because of two very important people, my Mom, and my partner who I was continually reminding to call home. We both love our moms and really enjoy talking to them, but we’re both busy, forgetful and live overseas. I coded the first version of Keep My Friends after getting one too many “I haven’t heard from you in months” messages from my friends.

After building it, I found that Keep My Friends was also great to remind me to chat to my favorite people and interesting entrepreneurs I’d met. Everyone is busy (including me), but I found it very easy with the app reminding me to keep in touch with those people who lift my spirits, make me laugh and those who inspire me… or make me massively jealous with envy 🙂

The first version was pretty basic, and as I learnt more about programming, I decided to do an almost complete rewrite of Keep My Friends in March/April 2018 to make it cleaner, easier to use and prettier. I hope you find Keep My Friends useful and I truly believe if you use it regularly you will be a happier person with deeper friendships and a stronger network.

Kevin Graham, Founder.