Reminding you to keep in touch with the important people in your life.


    Keep Your Friendships Strong

    Keep Your Professional Network Warm and Friendly

    Keep Mom & Dad Happy

    Stop Forgetting Those Most Important to You

    Stop Contacting People Only When You Want Something

    Stop Using Written Notes or Messy Spreadsheets


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How Does it Work?

  Step 1:  Add your friends, family and professional contacts

  Step 2:  Pick how often you want to stay in touch. For example, every week for Mom, or every 6-months for an old work colleague

  Step 3:  Keep My Friends will send you an email reminder when it’s time to reach out

  Step 4:  Conveniently contact your friends from the email links, mark as contacted and add notes for next time

  Step 5:  Watch your friendships and relationships grow


Keep My Friends Is Useful To

      • Remind me to call home every week
      • Keep in contact with friends and relatives living overseas in opposite time zones
      • Re-establish lost friendships and reconnect with new and consistent follow up
      • Keep professional lines of communication open for future opportunities
      • Manage your informal networking
      • Follow up meaningfully after meeting new people at conferences or events


Keep My Friends is Private & Secure

      • We don’t access your personal email
      • We don’t access your social media
      • We don’t request your passwords or require you to sign-up to third party apps
      • We don’t sell or trade your personal information
      • Your conversations stay between you and your friends


Unlimited contacts and all features for $7.89 per month, cancel any time.

Sign Up Now - 30 Days Free Trial, then just $7.89 per month